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Masonry, Belgian Block and Interlocking Pavers

Philly Paving and Masonry provide professional masonry services including adding garden and retaining walls, decorative patios, driveway and walkway borders along with interlocking pavers for both walkways and driveways.

The varying colors and sizes of Belgian Blocks for garden and retaining walls make for beautiful, strong and resilient choices.

Using interlocking pavers for walkways and driveways are long lasting and easy to remove and replace when the underlying ground needs repair.

Belgian Block

Belgian Block is a nearly cubical block of durable stone that is typically granite and used for creating durable and interesting patios, garden walls, walkways and as an edger for walkways and gardens.

Belgian Block is available in an assortment of colors and sizes that can meet any exterior landscape design needs. Colors include black, gray, pink and yellow and can be mixed to create welcoming patterns for your project.

Interlocking Pavers

The use Interlocking pavers dates back thousands of years. The modern version, interlocking concrete pavers, is manufactured in a variety of patterns to add elegance to any project.

Interlocking pavers create style, color and an eye-catching impact to patio and garden walks and are durable and long-lasting enough for main walkways and vehicle traffic. They do not require expansion joints and may be removed and easily replaced for underground repairs

Interlocking pavers may be used immediately after installation, provide a cooler surface, are skid resistant and resistant to oil or fuel spills. They work with through various grade changes while they resist cracking, they also can easily be replaced. With a choice of shapes and colors, they can be easily set with patterns creating interesting, one of a kind, design impact. Paving stones should easily last over 30 years.