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Driveway & Parking Lot Paving

New Residential Driveway Residential Before and After Picture New Residential Driveway New Commercial Driveway

Philly Paving and Masonry provides both residential driveway asphalt paving as well as small and large commercial parking lot paving. The appearance of your driveway or commercial parking lot says a lot about who you are.

We can do any size project from a short single lane driveway to a major shopping center or commercial lot. We can also provide repair services and line painting. For the commercial. Think of your new driveway as adding curb appear to your home and a well manicured parking lot as part of your commercial property investment.

Residential Driveways

Philly Paving and Masonry provide residential driveway paving for both new construction, driveway extensions and for repair and replacement. For home owners looking to repair cracks, uneven surfaces and other issues with their driveways, seal coating, even with promises to hide cracks, will not give you the results you want. There are heavier grade products that can cover a crack to protect further erosion, however they will be an obvious raised repair.

Seal coating is an excellent preventative service, easy to do yourself and something we do not offer. For repairs or for a really crisp new look for your driveway, we do offer affordable replacement that will last for years.

Commerical Parking Lots

Philly Paving and Masonry provides a full range of services for retail locations and business complexes. Starting with new construction lot grading and paving to repairing of sections damaged by weather, draining and runoff damage or underlined ground issues.

We also can provide all grading and paving services for access roads and provide road and parking lot lining through our business partners.